About Us

Welcome to the CastleGrove Construction Inc. – where state of the art meets with the best construction practice. Committed to setting homes and also commercial areas above the rest, we are unmatched when it comes to delivering excellence. Whether at home, the work place or retail space – we are your collaborator in creating spaces that not only uplift but also celebrate the lives within.

Our Origin Story

Incepted from an indomitable passion to change the face of the remodeling industry, CastleGrove Construction Inc. began its adventure propelled by a sharp eye for design, unwavering commitment to excellence and an aspiration to go beyond the customer expectation. With time, we have perfected our art while keeping ourselves up to the date with the advances in the industry and incorporating cutting-edge technology to produce results which speak for themselves.

Our Philosophy

In CastleGrove Construction, we view renovation not only as a physical transformation that changes the structure but also as an occasion to unleash the space’s hidden gems. We invest in learning the peculiarities of each project and the aspirations of the people living there. We integrate your dreams with our artistic strength to create designs that would really appeal to the emotions.

Residential Renovation Services

As for the home improvements, we are the best at turning in the ordinary into the extraordinary. Regardless of whether your kitchen needs a modern makeover, or your bathroom craves a touch of luxury, or even the whole house is due for an all-around facelift; CastleGrove Construction Inc. remains to be your ultimate partner. We combine the form and function, employing contemporary design sensibilities to create environments that truly reflect your style and also aspirations.

Commercial Makeovers

First impressions matter a lot in the business world. Our business renovation services have been tailored to add great value and aesthetic appeal to the your spaces. We understand the special characteristics of a successful commercial space, from breathe new life into the office interior design to reenvisioning retail designs. We turn the spaces that hold captive and mesmerize through our meticulous attention to detail and also strategic utility optimization.

Quality and Craftsmanship

What sets CastleGrove Construction Inc. apart is their uncompromising dedication to the quality and the art of building. Our team of professionals is highly experienced and very skillful. Our projects are built to last, from selecting the finest materials to a very careful construction process that is second-to-none.

A Client-Focused Journey

Customers for us are not only the clients but also partners of our creative path. With us, your vision and also satisfaction come first. Open and consistent communication is the order of the day in every stage of the renovation. Everything is very transparent and you will be amazed at how your dreams will come true with us because there will be no hidden surprises.

Discover the CastleGrove Difference

Selecting CastleGrove Construction Inc. is not just having a contractor to work for you; it means one thing – entering into a covenant with the experts ready to convert your spatial dreams into practical masterpieces. Whether it is a residential haven or a commercial empire, our commitment to innovation, the quality and customer satisfaction brings your dreams to life in phenomenal ways. Contact us today and start transforming with CastleGrove Construction Inc.


Mission Statement

At CastleGrove Construction Inc., we aim at delivering a stress-free, professional and client-centric approach to renovation services of residential and commercial spaces. With over two decades in the business delivering successful renovation projects for our clients, we have built the expertise and the knowledge to tackle any project and deliver final product that fully aligns with clients’ vision while focusing on quality and longevity.

Leadership Team

Igor V.

Branislav M.

Miguel H.