About Us

Welcome to CastleGrove Construction Inc., the intersection of cutting-edge innovation and unparalleled craftsmanship. Dedicated to elevating both residential and commercial spaces, our commitment to excellence is second to none. No matter the setting—a home, an office, or a retail space—we’re your partner in transforming environments that not only inspire but also resonate deeply with their inhabitants.

Our Origin Story

Born out of an unyielding desire to revolutionize the renovation industry, CastleGrove Construction Inc. started its journey fueled by a love for design, a relentless pursuit of quality, and an aim to surpass client expectations. Over time, we’ve refined our craft, stayed abreast of industry advancements, and incorporated state-of-the-art technology to consistently deliver results that speak volumes.

Our Philosophy

At CastleGrove Construction, we see renovation as more than just a physical change—it’s an opportunity to unlock the hidden potential of a space. We invest in understanding the unique attributes of each project and the dreams of those who occupy it. We fuse your visions with our creative prowess to produce designs that truly connect on an emotional level.

Residential Renovation Services

When it comes to home renovations, we excel in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whether your kitchen demands a contemporary revamp, your bathroom yearns for a dash of opulence, or your home is due for an overall facelift, CastleGrove Construction Inc. stands as your go-to partner. We marry form with function, utilizing modern design sensibilities to develop spaces that are a genuine reflection of your lifestyle and desires.

Commercial Makeovers

In the commercial realm, first impressions are often the lasting ones. Our suite of commercial renovation services is designed to uplift the aesthetic appeal and utility of your business spaces. From revitalizing office décor to reimagining retail layouts, we grasp the unique attributes that make a commercial space effective. Through meticulous attention to detail and strategic utility optimization, we transform spaces that captivate and engage.

Quality and Craftsmanship

The cornerstone of CastleGrove Construction Inc. is our unyielding commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Our seasoned team of professionals brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table. From hand-picking top-grade materials to employing best-in-class construction methods, we ensure every project is a long-lasting masterpiece.

A Client-Focused Journey

Our clients are more than just customers; they’re partners in our creative journey. We prioritize your vision and satisfaction above all else. Open, consistent communication is our modus operandi throughout the renovation cycle. Transparency is key, and with us, you’ll find no hidden surprises—just the delightful realization of your aspirations.

Discover the CastleGrove Difference

Choosing CastleGrove Construction Inc. means you’re not merely hiring a contractor; you’re entering a partnership with a team committed to turning your spatial visions into tangible masterpieces. Be it a residential sanctuary or a commercial powerhouse, our dedication to innovation, quality, and client happiness ensures your dreams take shape in the most remarkable ways. Contact us today and begin your transformation journey with CastleGrove Construction Inc.


Mission Statement

At CastleGrove Construction Inc., we aim at delivering a stress-free, professional and client-centric approach to renovation services of residential and commercial spaces. With over two decades in the business delivering successful renovation projects for our clients, we have built the expertise and the knowledge to tackle any project and deliver final product that fully aligns with clients’ vision while focusing on quality and longevity.

Leadership Team

Igor V.

Branislav M.

Miguel H.