Interior and Exterior Remodeling Toronto

CastleGrove Construction is pleased to welcome you; here, your dreams of renovating come true. We are dedicated to providing high-quality services and have a strong drive for making the spaces better, hence our focus on remodeling bathrooms, kitchens and homes. With a team of very talented professionals, we have accumulated alot of valuable experience, enabling us to deliver the perfect home that really matches your dreams.

Here at CastleGrove Construction we know how much a well-designed space can really change the quality of your life. This is why our company provides the widest range of services for interior and also exterior remodeling that will make your home a cosy and also convenient place. Our unparalleled professionals have all it takes regarding skills, resources, and state of the art tools for renovating any aspect of your home including living room design and kitchen for outdoor patio.

Why Choose CastleGrove Construction for Interior and Exterior Remodeling in Toronto?

Quality Materials 
Customer-Centric Approach 

Bathroom Remodeling: Elevate Your Personal Oasis

A bathroom is not just a practical room, but it is also your very own private retreat where you start and finish a day. We offer bathroom remodelling services which are intended to make your bathroom look much much better and also perform even more efficiently, giving you a room that is exactly how you want it.

Custom Cabinetry: With a wide range of different styles and finishes, our custom cabinetry designs are sure to bring both the form and also function to your space.
Luxurious Countertops: Just select the most prestigious materials such as marble, granite or even quartz to change your bathroom.
Spa-Worthy Showers and Tubs: Enhance your bathing experience with our very high-quality choices.
Tile and Flooring: Starting from the elaborate mosaic work to the floor heating, we have a very broad range of choices.
Lighting and Fixtures: Brighten your space with the right choice of light fixtures which serve a double purpose – for both functionality and appeal.

Kitchen Remodeling: Where Culinary Creativity Meets Design


Complete Home Overhaul: Interior and Exterior Remodeling Excellence in Toronto

We realize that the idea you conceive for your house transcends the individual rooms. The scope of our services includes the complete house renovations.

Basement Bliss: Unlocking Potential with Interior and Exterior Remodeling in Toronto

Take a transformative voyage with CastleGrove Construction as we convert your ‘dungeon’ basement into a working piece of art. Our team will be sure to provide the best home theater, family den or fitness sanctuary with high tech touches that you have never seen before.

Why Basement Remodeling?

In turn, our group of specialists works in the closest cooperation with you so that every single detail corresponds to your own preferences and approaches. We handle it all – from the concept to completion and everything in between including waterproofing, flooring and electrical right through to custom storage solutions.

Your Vision, Our Craft: CastleGrove Construction’s Remodeling Expertise

Whether you want a contemporary sanctuary in your bathroom, a gourmet kitchen or whether to completely transform the aesthetic of your home, our mission is to deliver what you envision. You can witness the CastleGrove Construction difference to bathroom, kitchen and also home remodeling.

Ready to Transform? Contact Us for Interior and Exterior Remodeling in Toronto

All set to make your dream home a really reality? Do not procrastinate any further, that dream home could just be a phone call or a click away. Call us for a free consultation and start your remodeling project today.