Basement Finishing

Do you have an unfinished basement that is used for collecting dust on old stuff that nobody will ever use?

Why not turn it into a children’s playroom and also an adult entertainment area, all in the name of creating lots of usable storage space. Speaking of which, did we forget to tell about the guest bedroom? Ideal for a social animal, especially with their loved ones staying over!

Alternatively, you can convert your basement into an in laws suite that could earn you some more income. The possibilities are truly endless, and whatever your any project is, we will surely complete it elegantly within the budget and also on time.

The basement finishing is a good opportunity to increase the total square feet of your home that you can use for your own needs. In Castle Grove Construction, we are experts in designing the attractive and practical basement areas that will suit your family’s needs as well as also increase the value of your home.

Maybe the main benefit of finishing a basement is that you end up with much more living space when you finish your own basement. Regardless of whether you are engaged in work at home, have a big family or even like watching films with dear people, the finished basement can host all of these processes. Additionally, it can also be used as a very comfortable guest flat.

Another positive aspect of basement finishing is that the value of your home increases overall. If your house has a finished basement, you will make the significant investment in the future as this adds so much value to your place. This will make your home much more valuable and appealing to any potential buyers in the event you decide to sell it.

We are aware that all these homes are very unique and so are the people who reside in them. This is why we work together with our clients to develop a basement finishing project that meets their very unique needs and personal budget. With our qualified individuals, you can be assured that your project will thrive from the conceptual design all the way to the final walk-through; in terms of time and budget, we guarantee on-time delivery and within the budget for your entire project.

With us, we only use outstanding materials and techniques that guarantee you a beau tiffed basement with over the years of durability. Our team comprises of talented artisans who specialize in all the elements of basement finishing such as framing, drywall, electrical, plumbing, floor covering and more.

Our Approach to Basement Renovations

First of all, you have to go there and get all your needs. At this point we would measure the area and generate quotes for the development of your idea to reality as well as durations. Once we agree, the drawings are made; permits are got where they are needed by law as we proceed with the work.

Full Service- Basement Finishing & Renovation

With CastleGrove Construction as our basement finishing contractor, rest assured that the entire project will be very well managed and completion will occur without any problems, on schedule and also within budget. We will take care of all the aspects of the project, including hiring trades such as plumbers and also electricians. Our basement finishing and renovations service includes but is not limited to:

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